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About Momentum® Supplement

2_2_1Momentum® is a lifestyle programme for people who want to lose weight in a responsible manner. The diet phase only counts 24 day and in the period after you will learn what it means to live a healthy lifestyle…

Weight loss and weight maintenance: these are two separate goals. To achieve these goals, you need more than a temporary diet. So Momentum® has developed a dedicated 3 Stage Plan. No miracle cure, but a responsible programme which enables you to lose weight healthily – monitored by a qualified Momentum® Coach – and more importantly: teaches you a healthy diet and exercise pattern.

What can you expect?
The Momentum® lifestyle programme consists of a 3 Stage plan (with an extensive guide, tips & tricks and tasty weekly menus), a shopping list, a handy diet overview and a tape measure to record your results. Furthermore, the programme contains two dietary supplements – Carnitrin® and Momentum® Multi Vita – which can address any deficiencies or extra dietary needs where necessary. Basic monitoring by a qualified Momentum® Coach is included and intensive support can also be provided.