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How to Slim Down

15 Tips on How to Slim Down Healthily

How to Slim Down

Has weight loss been a struggle?

Were the kilograms lost at the gym quickly regained over a wonderful weekend filled with irresistibly savoury dishes?

Ever wondered how some people slimmed down quickly, and miraculously continued to stay in shape long afterwards?

The answer?

Sustainable weight loss comes from lifestyle changes. It boils down to the habits embedded in the daily routine. It covers a spectrum of areas, including the diet, state of the mind, fitness level and daily activities that are often overlooked.

Moreover, what works for one may not work for the other. Some prefer hunting for a magical weight loss pills that works overnight, while others prefer a more natural path.

Pick and choose what floats your boat from this list of 15 ways to slim down healthily.

  1. Motivate Yourself into Losing Weight

Think about what triggered the desire to slim down. Some aim to drop a few sizes for the wedding gown or trim off a beer belly for a tuxedo. Others do it for post-pregnancy weight loss. Or it could simply be to look healthy, see a gap between the thighs, wave goodbye to sluggishness and greet hello to energy!

  1. Know Your Goals so You Can Celebrate When It’s Reached

What is the target weight or body measurements to be achieved? What is the deadline? Does it realistically fit into your travel plans? What are you going to reward yourself with when it’s attained? How about a well-deserved long holiday to see the northern lights?

  1. Erase Doubts & Be Confident that the Weight Loss is Working

Sometimes self-doubt hinders progress. Stop doing that! Believe that that it can be done. Believe that the desired measurements and body shape can be achieved. Monitor and watch it happen!

  1. Re-Programme Your Perception of Selected Dishes

Truffle fries may be delicious, and the melt-in-the-mouth pork belly may be irresistible but think about how “sinful” they are to your body. Stop thinking about how yummy it is and start thinking about the consequences, the negative effects on your body, every time you stare at the menu.

  1. Consult a Health Coach to Get Your Questions Answered

Are the heightened metabolism and hunger pangs expected? What healthy snacks can I eat while dieting? Is the weight loss occurring too quickly? Is the body well nourished during the weight loss journey? Having a health coach by the side is certain to give a peace of mind.

  1. Partner a Slimming Buddy to Keep It Fun

Activities are more fun when done with a friend! Imagine grocery shopping together and exchanging cooking tips while trying out new meal ideas listed in the diet plan!

  1. Adopt a Well Tried and Tested Diet Plan

Did a friend slim down beautifully over a couple of months? Ask her how she did it! Research for healthy weight loss programs with trustworthy online reviews.

  1. Nourish the Body While Dieting

Absorb essential nutrients through real food and quality supplements of carnitine and multivitamins. Engage a professional health coach or doctor to consult review the daily nutrient intake to stay well-nourished and feel great while slimming down effectively.

  1. Moderate Daily Calorie Intake

To lose half a kilogram a week, a daily calorie intake of around 2000 kcal/day may be advisable for a typical male and 1500 kcal/day for a typical female (source).

For a more serious weight loss, the National Weight Control Registry in United States reported an average weight loss of 30.5 kg and a maintained weight loss above 13.5 kg for more than 5.5 year in their subjects. This is obtained through a combination of diet and physical activities. The daily calorie intake is around 1700 kcal/day in the male subjects and 1300 kcal/day in the female subjects.

  1. Drink Water Before a Meal

Scientific studies have shown that middle-aged and senior subjects on a 1,000 -1,200 kcal/day hypocaloric diet experienced greater weight loss if they ingest 500 ml of water prior to the meal (source).

  1. Cut Down on Sugars

Replace soft drinks with spring water. Cut back on the sugary desserts, make it a weekly or even fortnightly affair instead of a daily one.

  1. Stop Eating When You Feel 80% Full

Stop eating when the tummy is 80% full, don’t overload. If you feel bad about wasting the leftovers, ask the waiter for a reduced size portion next time.

  1. Pick Products with the Healthier Choice Symbol

Healthier Choice Health Promotion BoardFood and beverages with the healthier choice symbol are generally lower in fat, sodium & sugar and higher in calcium & dietary fibre (Singapore Health Promotion Board Healthier Choice Symbol Nutrient Guidelines).

  1. Participate in Fast-Paced Exercises

Hit the gym with Zumba sessions, cycling bootcamps and spin classes. Fast-paced exercises increase metabolism and tone the body.

  1. 10,000 Steps a Day, Goes a Long Way

Are you barely getting enough sleep to allocate an hour for the gym? How about taking 10,000 steps a day to lower BMI (for more info)? Monitor daily steps with a fitness tracker and keep a look out for the next National Step Challenge.

Wishing you a very satisfying weight loss journey from the people who cares at SwissFit Pte Ltd – Momentum Asia.

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