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Momentum® 3 Stage Plan

healthylife_1Momentum® consists of 3 easy stages: a diet stage (27 days), stabilisation stage (21 days) and a lifestyle stage (rest of your life). The 3 Stage Plan provides a structure for a healthy lifestyle so that you can continue to enjoy a healthy and energetic life even after completing the Momentum® programme.

Stage 1: Diet Stage (24 days + 3 rest days)

The diet stage lasts a total of 27 days and consists of a balanced diet with tasty recipes containing little fat and carbohydrates, which relieve hunger pangs and help you lose weight. The dietary supplements Carnitrin® and Momentum® Multi Vita supplement any deficiencies or extra needs in the diet where necessary.

Stage 2: Stabilisation Stage (21 days)

As part of the stabilisation stage, your diet will be gradually supplemented to stabilise your new weight. During this stage, the amount of protein and carbohydrates is gradually increased, but you still eat very little fat.

Stage 3: Lifestyle Stage

The lifestyle stage is an advisory and awareness stage. Your diet is further supplemented in a healthy way, but stage 3 mainly consists of guidelines for maintaining your weight. The most important thing is that  you enjoy eating and – of course – your  new weight! You can go out for a meal again or enjoy a glass of wine. Stage 3 is all about finding the right balance and forms the basis for a healthy weight.