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Momentum® Recipes

4_recepten_3Many people associate healthy food with tasteless, dull meals, but that doesn’t have to be the case! Together with the Dutch chef Martin Vlam, founder Jos Stuyver has created a number of tasty recipes, from fast and easy to culinary highlights.

Momentum® distinguishes itself from other diets through its delicious recipes and fast results. No shakes or powders, but healthy food available from your local butcher, greengrocer or supermarket. At the back of the 3 Stage Plan of the Momentum® weight loss programme, you will find tasty weekly menus for every stage. Fast, easy, tasty and healthy. In addition, Dutch chef Martin Vlam has created some culinary Momentum® DeLuxe recipes for those who enjoy spending more time in the kitchen. Our website regularly features new recipes, so that you can continue to eat well and healthily during and after the programme!