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Momentum® Magnesium contains an extensive and carefully-selected composition of various micronutrients. Along with magnesium, it also contains vitamin B6, calcium, and vitamin C.

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Product Description

Momentum® Magnesium contains an extensive and carefully-selected composition of various micronutrients. Along with magnesium, it also contains vitamin B6, calcium, and vitamin C. The exact composition can be found in the table below.


Magnesium bisglycinate and citrate
OrthoPharma has carefully composed a magnesium supplement comprised of two easily absorbed forms of magnesium: citrate and bisglycinate.
Vitamin B6
Along with magnesium, the supplement also contains vitamin B6. This vitamin works with magnesium to help transport magnesium to the cells in the body and ensures that magnesium can reach the cells.

Potassium is involved with nerve impulses, muscle contraction and heart functioning. It is also needed for a healthy heart rhythm and regulates moisture levels in the body. Additionally, this mineral has a regulating effect on the blood sugar level. In this way, it supports the role and functions of magnesium.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C reduces fatigue, thereby supporting magnesium. Vitamin C additionally increases resistance and stimulates removal of moisture.

• Magnesium can be used perfectly in combination with the Momentum® program
• The Multi Vita supplement contains a relatively low dose of magnesium
• Especially recommended for stage 1 (diet stage) and recommended in case of sleeplessness or constipation caused by change of eating patterns
• The magnesium supplement can be used long-term (and therefore continued after completion of the program), especially by people who have need for extra magnesium, see section ‘why magnesium supplements’.


Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary for building bones, producing body protein, good functioning of nerves and muscles, enzyme functioning, and production of energy. Magnesium is also called the “anti- stress” mineral, because it helps reduce fatigue and muscle cramps. Magnesium cannot be made by the body itself, and is an essential mineral.
Magnesium is found in many different types of food, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice and quinoa, milk, spinach, pulses and legumes, roots and tubers, nuts , seeds and various fish (mackerel, shrimp, shellfish) and meat.
Lack of nutrition

Unfortunately, the use of inorganic fertilizers (liquid/nitrogen fertilizer) and modern industrial food processing are causing soil to become increasingly magnesium- poor. This means that the same food intake no longer gives the body the amount of magnesium as in the past. Research indicates that the amount of nutrients in our food has decreased by more than 30% since 1940 1.

A magnesium deficit can not only cause ongoing complaints such as irritability, fatigue, migraine, but also advanced osteoporosis (for women after menopause).

The magnesium level is mainly influenced by the kidneys. Certain substances such as caffeine, white flour and granulated sugar influence the kidneys. When someone eats a lot of granulated sugar, the kidneys will excrete the magnesium, which reduces the magnesium level in the body.

Extra needs
Some life circumstances can increase the need for magnesium. For example, chronically increased physical or mental stress, dieting, intense exercise, profuse sweating, and insomnia. Women who take the pill, or other forms of estrogen, often need extra magnesium, because the pill reduces magnesium absorption. Magnesium can also help with PMS2-3 complaints such as water retention (oedema), sensitive breasts, and irritability. In short, a magnesium supplement can be effective in many situations, see below for more details.

Tiredness and poor sleeping
Magnesium has a calming effect, and can therefore improve sleep quality and decrease fatigue.

Muscle cramps and recovery
Magnesium can help with muscle cramps and the recovery of muscles after intensive exercise because it plays a role in the growth and recovery of muscles.

Physical stress
People who experience above-average (physical) stress require extra magnesium, as that the body’s magnesium supply is quickly depleted during periods of energy stress. A magnesium supplement can offer help to athletes who need improved muscle functioning.

Because magnesium attracts water in the intestine, is can be effective against constipation. Caution is advised in conjunction with the chance of diarrhea and the loss of nutrients and moisture.

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