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Momentum Program

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Weight Loss – Feel Great Program
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Product Description

About OrthoPharma
Momentum® was created by Jos Stuyver, the founder of OrthoPharma. Jos Stuyver (PhD) studied (sports) physical therapy and manual therapy, orthopedic medicine (Cyriax), orthomolecular medicine, acupuncture, neutral therapy, psychology, and clinical psyconeuroimmunology. For decades he treated patients in his own clinic with a wide range of symptoms, including health problems related to obesity. By 2003, that led to the idea of developing a program to help people lose weight and stay at a healthy weight. The program would go beyond existing weight-loss diets. It would offer people a responsible, safe way to learn a new lifestyle that is centered on healthy, balanced eating habits. In short, Momentum® is a weight-loss, lifestyle program that fits into Jos Stuyver’s vision on orthomolecular and natural science.

What is Orthomolecular?
The concept Orthomolecular is composed of two words: orthos, which means health in Greek and molecular, which means molecule or particle. In short, orthomolecular means the correct, or optimal, concentration of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Orthomolecular medicine distinguishes between naturally occurring substances, which support the body’s own healing process, and outside substances, such as synthetic medications, which can cause reactions in the immune system (like infections). Orthomolecular therapists aim to create optimal concentrations of nutrients in the body. Products used as orthomolecular food supplements are preferably fresh, pure, natural, organic and as unprocessed as possible. Ordinary diets often lack nutrients and orthomolecular therapists therefore use food supplements containing high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and other naturally-occurring substances. That is the ideology behind the Momentum® Supplements program.

Why the Momentum® brand name?
We chose the word ‘momentum’ for our program and as a brand name because it is associated with qualities like decisive, energetic and powerful. The word also embodies the idea behind the Momentum® program, which is aimed at helping people improve their lifestyles, or move in the right direction.

How does Momentum® work?
The core of the Momentum® lifestyle program is a daily dose of Carnitrin®, which reduces the appetite, but also stimulates the burning of excess fat. There is no yo-yo effect of weight loss and gain because Momentum® works on inactive fats that have no function. Weight loss occurs only in the right places, leaving essential body fuel unaffected. This enables the continuation of normal, energetic daily activities and makes it easier to stick to the program. On top of a daily dose of Carnitrin®, the Momentum® program consists of a healthy, fat- and carbohydrate-low diet. This combination of food supplements and balanced diet offers a responsible and rapid way to lose weight in the right places. We have also developed a three-stage plan to maintain the new body weight and develop a lasting healthy lifestyle.

About Carnitrin®
This chapter provides more information about Carnitrin® and the qualities of this unique food supplement. Carnitrin® is a liquid supplement based on L-Carnitine, citric acid, zinc, water and was specially developed by OrthoPharma for the Momentum® program. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the body, but is also found in foods, particularly dairy products and red meats like roast beef. L-Carnitine works as an antioxidant and plays an important part in converting fat into energy. Naturally-occurring levels of L-Carnitine are too low for people who want to lose weight and a daily supplement is therefore advisable. A higher dose of L-Carnitine increases energy levels and stamina. The addition of zinc contributes to the conversion of fatty acids, making Carnitrin® liquid even more effective.
Carnitrin® liquid is optimized by OrthoPharma to give it a so-called feedback function from the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the command centre in the brain responsible for a variety of functions, including metabolism, appetite and fat burning. Taking Carnitrin® stimulates the hypothalamus to burn fatty deposits around the stomach, hips and buttocks more rapidly. You will notice a positive change to the client’s figure. A true reshaping occurs.

Carnitrin® in combination with dieting
Combining the diet in stage 1 with Carnitrin® helps the client lose weight in the right places in a relatively short period of time. People eat fewer carbohydrates and fat in stage 1, so the body smartly switches from a carbohydrate-burning mode to a fat-burning mode. This stage, known as ketosis, is characterized by the burning of fat reserves to produce energy. Muscle and vital organs are unaffected and the body’s natural energy is activated. Another benefit of ketosis is a reduced appetite, which makes it easier to stick to the diet. The dieting period has several other benefits, in some cases including the improvement of various medical problems and symptoms. This might include high blood pressure or high cholesterol. This sometimes enables people to reduce medication intake because the diet naturally reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure. The dieting may also improve insulin sensitivity, which is beneficial for diabetes 2 patients (for more information please see page 16. It is therefore important to mention any medical conditions of clients both on the application forms and during the introductory interview. You should inform the client that medicine dosages might be lowered during the dieting stage. That is a decision that should be taken by the client, preferably in consultation with their physician.
Why three extra days?
After you have taken the last ampoule, Carnitrin® continues to work in the body for a couple of days. We therefore recommend that clients continue the diet in stage 1 for three additional days after they have stopped taking Carnitrin®. Only after this three-day transition period will the Carnitrin® no longer be active in the body and can the next stage of the Momentum® program, the stabilization period, begin.

The importance of vitamins and minerals
Nearly everyone needs additional vitamins and minerals, but it is particularly important for people who are trying to lose weight or are on a diet. The body sometimes absorbs insufficient vitamins and minerals during dieting and higher doses are desirable. It is therefore advised that people on the Momentum® program use Momentum® Multi Vita. This balanced food supplement offers a rich dose of varying vitamins and minerals, eliminating possible deficiencies. We also advise people to continue taking Multi Vita during the second stage of the program. It provides a healthy supplement to regular food intake and ensures that clients are getting the vitamins and minerals they need. Research shows that most people do not get enough vitamins and minerals from their regular diets.

Momentum® Supplements
In addition to Multi Vita, four new supplements have been developed that can be used during and after the Momentum® program. These supplements are briefly described below. If you want to learn more about Momentum® supplements, please see the Momentum® Supplements Factsheet.

Momentum® Carnitine
Momentum® Carnitine is a food supplement based on Acetyl-L-Carnitine, the bio-active form of Carnitine. Carnitine plays a vital role in energy production and helps fatty acids reach the mitochondria, the cell’s power producers, where fat is burned by the body. Various micronutrients are added to the supplement to enhance its effectiveness and optimalize the burning of fat. Momentum® Carnitine also contains biotin and chrome; micronutrients which support a healthy metabolism and help keep a balanced blood sugar level. Zinc helps burn fat and alpha lipoic acid, which enhances cellular energy production and also has anti oxidative qualities. Momentum® Carnitine is optimalized with frequencies, giving it unique qualities that contribute to maintaining a lower body weight.

Momentum® Q10
Momentum® Q10 contains a high dose of ubiquinone, a vitamin-like substance that plays an important role in supplying energy to body tissue and organs and protects cells against oxidative stress. Q10 is also known for qualities that benefit people with heart conditions by helping to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. The Q10 supplement is fortified with B1 and B12, vitamins that contribute to energy levels. B12 is essential for the natural production of Q10, which works particularly well in combination with Carnitine. Carnitine helps carry fats to the mitochondria, where Q10 helps burn fat. You can read more about Q10 and its benefits in the Factsheets.

Momentum® Antioxidant
Momentum® Antioxidant is an extremely potent antioxidative formula based on R-alpha lipoic acid, one of the most powerful and varied antioxidants. Alpha lipoic acid is dosed in a high level (100 mg) to make it extra effective. The supplement also contains classic antioxidants selenium and vitamins E and C. It is also enhanced with grape seed extract, a source of OPC, which is good for the heart and blood vessels. Momentum® Antioxidant is extremely suitable for people with high levels of free radicals, due to sports, sunshine or smoking. Antioxidants can also be good for people who are overweight because they often have elevated levels of free radicals.

Momentum® Magnesium
Magnesium is an essential mineral needed to build up body protein and the functioning of nerves and muscles. Magnesium is also known as the anti stress mineral because it contributes to relaxation and reducing fatigue. Magnesium also helps attract moisture to the intestines and can help relieve obstipation. Momentum® developed a supplement with an highly absorbable form of magnesium; magnesium citrate and magnesium bisglycinate. The supplement also contains vitamin B6, which helps magnesium reach the cells and balance moisture levels. Calcium and vitamin C are beneficial for moisture regulation and fatigue reduction.

Momentum® Supplements in combination with the Momentum® program
All supplements can be taken during and after the Momentum® program. Carnitine and Q10 are particularly well suited for people undergoing weight loss. Below you will find guidelines for use during stages 1 and 2. After completing stage 2, you can advise clients to maintain the dose recommended on the packaging.

FAQ for Comsumers

I am a vegetarian; is it alright for me to follow the Momentum® program?
Yes. The nutritional supplements and the diet are suitable for vegetarians. You should however keep in mind that sticking to the diet might take more creativity and perseverance, particularly for vegans and vegetarians who do not eat fish.
I am lactose intolerant; can I follow the Momentum® program?
Yes. Dairy products are not consumed during the dieting stage. In stage 2 and 3 you may consume dairy, but they are not part of the diet.
I use medication; can I follow the Momentum® program?
Personal medication use needs to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and should be discussed during the admission meeting with your coach. In general, it should not pose a problem, but it may be necessary to adjust your medication dosage. Be sure to discuss this with your Momentum® coach and your own doctor.
Will the Momentum® lifestyle program effect anti-conception?
No. The Momentum® program does not contain ingredients that influence the effectiveness of anti-conception.
Does the Momentum® lifestyle program contain hormones or chemical ingredients?
No. The Momentum® program only uses natural ingredients and does not use hormones or chemical ingredients.
Do I get enough calories during the dieting stage (27 days)?
Not through regular eating. By reducing fat and carbohydrate intake during the dieting stage the program is intended to help your body switch from a carbohydrate-burning metabolism to a fat-burning metabolism. The calories you do not get through regular food intake are compensated for by tapping fat reserves. This process is called ketosis, when your body gets the energy, or calories, it needs by burning your own fat reserves. So the calories you need will come from your fat reserves.
How much weight will I lose during the dieting stage?
It is impossible to say exactly how much weight you will lose. This varies per individual and several factors can influence weight loss, such as gender, age, starting weight and physical activity levels. A Momentum® coach can provide you with more insight into setting of personal targets.
What can I eat during the dieting stage?
The details of the dieting plan are described in the 3-stage plan, which you will receive along with the Momentum® lifestyle program. You will also receive a handy shopping list and a diet overview, listing what you can and cannot eat during the dieting stage. You can also consult your coach on any additional questions.


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