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Momentum® Supplements

MM_Magnesium_600_419In order to supplement any deficiencies or extra needs in the diet where necessary, Momentum® has developed several support products. The supplements Carnitrin® and Momentum® Multi Vita belong to the content of the Momentum® lifestyle programme. Momentum® Multi Vita can also be ordered separately. Momentum® Citrin Plus is a follow up product to support weight maintenance.

Momentum® Multi Vita
Momentum® Multi Vita is a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement with a balanced composition. Momentum® Multi Vita supports the immune system and overall resistance with a rich dose of vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and vitamin C and where necessary supplements any deficiencies in the diet. In addition, the nutrients biotin, folic acid, magnesium and niacin present in Momentum® Multi Vita are good for wellbeing, while chromium contributes to normal metabolism.


Carnitrin® is a liquid dietary supplement composed of water, L-carnitine, zinc gluconate and citric acid. L-carnitine is an amino acid that is found almost exclusively in animal products. In addition, Carnitrin® contains zinc, a mineral which is good for the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.