Testimonial by Philip Loh

weight loss singapore
WOW!!! This is FANTASTIC!!! Look at my waist-line, from 34 inches to 30 inches!

Look at what Momentum has done for me! From a whopping 80kg to 69kg in less than 2 months! I don’t even know that I have about 10kg of fats in me; I thought I was ‘buff’. Nope, that’s fats below my muscles.

Everything is back to normal now; my BMI, Visceral Fat Level, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, and even my snoring reduced.

I am a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer by Federation Internationale des Sports Aerobics et Fitness (FISAF) since May 2007.

Many a time, I have to suggest to my clienteles to seek professional nutritionists or dieticians to change their eating habits to lose weight other than burning fats through exercise.

Now, I can wholesomely help them to do both effectively!

Why? That’s because I have tried experiencing other dieting methods, but none compares to this result that I have now.

Definitely, I would not recommend anything to anybody if I have not tried it myself.

Gratitude, Momentum!

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