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Van’s Momentum Journey

Hi everyone, my name is Van. I recently tried this slimming program. A friend recommended me as I have been trying to lose weight for the big day but to no avail. Apparently, I managed to lose 7kg in about a month, without exercising but just eating fresh food prepared at home. The only downside is no carbs, fat and sugar for 27 days, but unlimited veggies (yay for me cos I love veggies). Almost died during the first week but after looking at the scale, I decided to pull through the diet.

I have to say, since trying the diet, I lost all my cravings and haven’t gain back any weight.  Right now, I am still eating multivitamins and also anti-oxidant.
Sharing this piece of good news here as I managed to lose it all to shock my guests on my wedding day and manage to stay the same. Thank you Momentum! You changed me life!

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