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Momentum® Participants Testimonials

Van's Momentum Journey

Hi everyone, my name is Van. I recently tried this slimming program. A friend recommended me as I have been trying to lose weight for the big day but to no avail. Apparently, I managed to lose 7kg in about a month, without exercising but just eating fresh food prepared at home. The only downside is no carbs, fat and sugar for 27 days, but unlimited veggies (yay for me cos I love veggies). Almost died during the first week but after looking at the scale, I decided to pull through the diet.

I have to say, since trying the diet, I lost all my cravings and haven’t gain back any weight.  Right now, I am still eating multivitamins and also anti-oxidant.
Sharing this piece of good news here as I managed to lose it all to shock my guests on my wedding day and manage to stay the same. Thank you Momentum! You changed me life!

Beauty Sales Executive

Six Pack might be big dream for a fat boy like me but I’ve recently lost 8kgs in just 4 weeks. Check out my blog for full story! Smith’s Momentum Review

Smith Leong

I have been battling with my weight for around 10 years. Losing weight have never been easy task for me. I started my momentum program in Sept 2015. I managed to lose more than 10kgs in less than 2 months.

I am so happy and proud. Improved my health, increased my energy, more confidence. And I have a lot of fun shopping nowadays as I fit into most of the clothes I always wanted to. There are many more other benefits that I experienced after losing weight.

Now I feel like I have more time at hand to do things i want as I feel I have more energy through out the day. My weight loss gave me a happier , healthier life.

Thank you Momentum!

Marie Christopher

Testimonial by Philip Loh

weight loss singapore
WOW!!! This is FANTASTIC!!! Look at my waist-line, from 34 inches to 30 inches!

Look at what Momentum has done for me! From a whopping 80kg to 69kg in less than 2 months! I don’t even know that I have about 10kg of fats in me; I thought I was ‘buff’. Nope, that’s fats below my muscles.

Everything is back to normal now; my BMI, Visceral Fat Level, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure, and even my snoring reduced.

I am a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer by Federation Internationale des Sports Aerobics et Fitness (FISAF) since May 2007.

Many a time, I have to suggest to my clienteles to seek professional nutritionists or dieticians to change their eating habits to lose weight other than burning fats through exercise.

Now, I can wholesomely help them to do both effectively!

Why? That’s because I have tried experiencing other dieting methods, but none compares to this result that I have now.

Definitely, I would not recommend anything to anybody if I have not tried it myself.

Gratitude, Momentum!

Philip Loh
Trainer @ Pratique Training Consultancy

Testimonial by Nick

I started the program on June 2 weighing 101 kgs. At the end of Stage 1 I had dropped to 89 kgs and kept reducing a few more kilos through Stage 2. By the end of Stage 2 my weight settled at 87 kgs. It has been a remarkable journey and while I have always been into sports, I am much more aware about food, nutrition and the effects of diet not only to my own well being but also on my body.

Several friends who have noticed my progress also embarked on the journey and the results are amazing. For me, the biggest selling point of this program is the common-sense approach it takes towards food and lifestyle.

Money and time well spent.

nick nobell
Head of Operations and Logistics

Testimonial by Felix

Profession:International Manager
When did you do Momentum?February 2014
Weight and waist circumference before starting:87.7 Kgs size 36
Weight and waist circumference after Phase 1:82kg size 34
Weight and waist circumference after Phase 2:79.5kg size 32
Weight and waist circumference today:78.5kgs size32

Experience in using Momentum
It had been a few months that I thought, I had to do something. It is talking with a colleague that I got convinced that the Momentum program, was probably the best way to achieve my goals. I must say, I took this program as a game and not an event, because after all it is for my well-being.

To be honest when I started, I find it a little difficult in the first week, but it has not induced any particular pain. Knowing that a colleague had already started the program, I got stimulated to hang in there. Emulation is fundamental because it allows to follow the different phases.

This is after 10-12 days that I started to feel the positive effects of the program and its results are an incentive for the continuation of the program. I discovered that I could eat very well and in smaller quantities. The proposed meals are very good and allow the discovery of new flavors. Drinking enough plays a very important role, for my part I still drink about 1.5 to 2 liters of herbal teas of all kinds per day without any difficulty.
Following the reactions of those around me, all agree that the program is a success and have been congratulating me and betweenus, my wife is delighted….

I will strongly recommend this program.
New challenge is to do shopping to buy new range of clothes!!! And I don’t like shopping.

International Manager

Testimonial by Lon Taranaki

“For me, losing weight wasn’t so hard, I was active enough and when I focused on my diet I could lose weight. That said I was unable to lose weight in the areas that I wanted, for me my trouble area was my “love handles” – always seems to be the last area to reduce.

I bumped in Pascal at the Phuket ½ Ironman in late 2013 – Pascal was looking fit and I asked his secret – he mentioned that we had completed the Momentum Diet which specifically focused in on trouble areas (i.e. love handles, man boobs etc.)

I tried the diet – there is no doubt that the diet works, on starting the programme I was 86kg, after 24 days I had reduced to 78.5kg, a loss of 7.5kg (~10%), more importantly for myself my waist had reduced from 92cm to 83.5cm (8.5cm reduction) and my chest had reduced from 98cm to 91cm (7cm reduction) – for the first time in nearly 25yrs I was below 80kg again. Three months on and through a change in my lifestyle I have been able to maintain my weight at below 80kg.

The diet requires a lot of discipline, if not committed then I would recommend you don’t do it, but if you can find a window when you can commit you will be amazed with the results. During the period of my diet I did have to do some travelling but was amazed that again with a little effort and a lot of discipline you can remain committed to the diet – this in itself was a good learning experience of how to be more disciplined with my diet when travelling for business (which is usually very hard).

Finally, I’m so confident of the results from the diet that I have recommended to my friends and family. Already a friend has completed the diet with a 10% reduction in her weight – she is extremely satisfied with the results.”

Lon Taranaki
Business Executive

Testimonial by Axel G

Name:Axel G.
Profession:GM for property company
When did you do Momentum?1st day was 1st April 2014
Weight and waist circumference before starting:99.8kg and waist 103 cm
Weight and waist circumference after Phase 1:89.6kg and waist 94 cm
Weight and waist circumference after Phase 2:86.2kg and waist 91 cm
Weight and waist circumference today:85.6kg and waist 90 cm

Experience in using Momentum
Axel Axel before afterI heard of the programme through my friend who recommended it to me and I met with Pascal. I like cooking and playing with menus, so for me it was quite fun and I do still enjoy to make STAGE I or similar meals sometimes today (especially the day after a big business dinner!). At first I was scared of cutting carbs and sugars cold turkey but Momentum made it easy for me. I of course loved the fast results and felt great since I ever started. It changed my life! I go to fitness 3 times a week and life a generally much healthier life! People are so surprised to see me and ask me what I have done… I am all excited to introduce them to Momentum as well! All in all, to me it was just the right thing I needed to turn my life around! Strongly recommend it!

Axel G

Testimonial by Josh Burack

Name:Josh Burack
Profession:Sports Marketing
When did you do Momentum?Started the diet on 3 February 2014
Weight and waist circumference before starting:86 kg and approximately 89 cm
Weight and waist circumference after Phase 1:79.5 kg and approximately 85 cm
Weight and waist circumference after Phase 2:76 kg and approximately 82 cm
Weight and waist circumference today:76.5 kg and approximately 81 cm

Experience in using Momentum
JoshA friend of mine did Momentum and lost a great deal of weight. I decided to give it a try since I was depressed about the beer belly and love handles around my waist that I have carried for the past 10 years. While I expected to lose weight, I was pleasantly surprised that a great deal of weight disappeared directly from my stomach and sides which I expected to be the last places that I would see reduced. Even more surprising was the fact that I lost weight simply from changing my diet and taking the Momentum supplements. As a busy executive, I have little time to exercise so it was amazing to see a half kilo of weight dropping off each morning I stepped on the scale from about 15 days into the programme. I admit that the first two to three weeks was challenging to stay disciplined. But once the weight started falling off so quickly, it became very easily to be motivated to stay with the diet because you could see results every day. Perhaps most surprising was that after I completed Phase 2, I still kept losing weight during Phase 3 even though I resumed eating carbohydrates and regular food. The cool part is the diet helped me learn a lot more about nutrition and now I more actively think about the foods I eat which is a great way of lifestyle to follow. This gives me confidence that I will be able to keep the weight off indefinitely. I am now the same weight as when I was 30 years old and am receiving compliments from friends and colleagues alike. The only negative result is that I have had to buy many new clothes and alter all of my suits and business shirts to fit my slimmed down body! As tailoring is expensive here in Singapore, I took a lot of my business clothes with me to Thailand to have them re-fiited there since the price is lower. ☺

Josh Burack
Sports Marketing
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